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Dragon Fly Cat Toys™ are offered here in Green, Blue , Red, White  and Orange . These normally retail for $14.99-$16.99 each.

Featured in CAT’S Magazine April 2001, where they attest to it’s durability, safety, usefulness and value. Featured in The Chronicle-Herald December 1,2003 (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Recommended by Cat Behaviorist, Pam Johnson-Bennett for redirecting aggressive behavior in her new book “Cat vs.Cat”. As seen on TV ; ANIMAL PLANET episode “Cat People”, aired on 1/29/05.

This is the original DRAGONFLY CAT TOY ™ for any cat! I have personally introduced these at Fancy cat shows from coast to coast. I have done the leg work to introduce this product at Cat Shows from California , Florida , Nova Scotia, and to Washington State. Now I offer to you the opportunity to market these to pet supply outlets, veterinary clinics and fund-raisers for cat shelters in your area. Please read the feedback from buyers of this unique hand made product.

These are individually handcrafted to be soft to the touch, yet unbelievably durable. Constructed of Mylar and hematite beads securely attached to a 36 inch wire and 3 inch wooden handle. Totally hand crafted DRAGONFLYS, which have been featured in juried art gallery shows (such as, the KEY WEST Sunset Celebration) are modeled after real dragonfly species from around the world.

This copyrighted product looks like, moves like, (and when attacked) sounds like a real DRAGONFLY! Much attention has be paid to the balance points to give the toy a very realistic movement while at play. The wings actually make a realistic sound when the cat strikes at it, or when it is slapped against a hard surface . With a simple twist of the handle an area of 6-8 feet can be covered.

Your customers cat’s will love it! And if this is for you I know your cat will love it too!

If you need options call me anytime at 231-290-1062

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$30.00 …..for 2
$100.00…….for 10
$325.00……….for 50
$550.00…………for 100

For larger orders please contact me by email or telephone.

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