About Dragon Fly Cat Toys™

 These beautiful designed cat toys are modeled after real species of Dragonflys from around the world . The White are modelled after the Rocky Mountain White Club-Tailed , the Blue are modelled after an Austrian Dragonfly, the Green is modeled after the Green Darner Dragonfly (found throughout North America), the Red is modeled after a South American Dragonfly, and the Orange is modeled after a Japanese species.

 Much attention has be paid to the balance points to give the toy a very realistic movement while at play. The wings actually make a realistic sound when the cat strikes at it, or when it is slapped against a hard surface . With a simple twist of the handle an area of 6-8 feet can be covered. For those that are wheelchair-bound this can be alot of fun playing with their  cat.

 The materials are of the highest quality ….hematite bead eyes, twisted mylar body and  wings, with music wire securely attached to a hardwood handle ( from sustainably managed wood lots in the USA). This is a “Zero-Carbon Footprint” product , hand-made in the USA!

 Retailers will appreciate that these can be shipped cost effectively in bubble pack type mailers. 

  These are intended for adult use only, and should never be left unattended with you cat. They are not a ‘chew-toy’, but you will be amazed at how durable and long-lasting these delicate-looking these  Dragonfly Cat Toys™ are . Reports for buyers have indicated that you can expect a long life from this product if it is put well-away between uses. Please read the testimoials here for more information on buyers’ experience.